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Freedom means Gender Equality to me

Gender equality is not just about any gender’s rights, its about human rights.

Human rights are the rights that we follow. Now you may be asking how human rights are related to gender equality?

Well, you would say that it doesn’t make sense. I will tell you one-way gender equality is related to human rights.

Right to education is also a right of girls

Human rights include the right to education. But most girls in the world don’t have the right to education.

Why? Because most countries don’t let girls have their education.

The same thing happened a few years back with Malala, the girl who stood up for girls’ rights. Taliban people didn’t like her, so she was headshot by them. Luckily the doctor saved her and she went back to finishing her work. She is the youngest girl to win the peace prize for gender equality.

What happens when a girl is born?

Now I will tell you the difference in when a girl is born and when a boy is born.

When a girl is born some people are happy and feel like they are lucky while others think that its unlucky. But when a boy is born some people think that they are lucky while others think that it is okay.

That is not the equal treatment for boys and girls. Everyone says that there should be gender equality but these people, when a girl is born they start whining that they got a girl and shout out of joy when a boy is born.

Equal platform needed in all 197 countries

There should be an equal platform there is for women as there is for men. 194 countries have signed in child rights that also includes men and women.

In most countries, men are respected more than women. As you may see most women can’t work in most countries.

There are 194 countries out of 197 for allowing children education and other rights. Women need to be respected. I am glad that 194 countries are doing that.

No, not exactly. 194 countries have not signed for female rights, they have signed only child rights. So they should be committed to women’s rights also.

Freedom means to me, equal respect equal opportunities and choices for men and women.

Sanaa Celly


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Sanaa Celly

Grade: 4, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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  1. Pkberi says:

    Woww Sanaa… You’ve written wonderfully!!💕

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