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Freedom to me is being busy and happy like a busy bee

Freedom is the main source of life,

Which cannot be cut using a fork or knife.

Without freedom life is actually like the hell,

Without freedom, a person will never get well.

Freedom to choose your own career,

Without this, you will be total inferior.

Fifteen August was the day when India got its independence,

Now India was an independent country without any dependence.

Freedom for me right now is not going to school,

Just sit at home cheerly without any special uniform or rule

Then it would be not going to college,

Without any problems or an assignment message.

Later it would be not going to the office,

Without any work and going to ceremonies of trophies.

But still, I can’t leave them because they are the essentials,

Still, there is a chance to do them without any tensions.

By choosing a school, college or job that I like,

And also by buying and driving a car instead of a bike.

This is what freedom means to me,

Being busy and happy just like a busy bee.

I like having freedom a lot,

Without freedom, my life would be just moving like a small sloth.

Ariv Sharma


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Ariv Sharma

Grade: 6, Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka, Delhi

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