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Funable – Fun for the differently-abled!

Innoventure By Intelligence Plus

Innoventure is national-level ideation and entrepreneurship challenge for students from grades fourth to ninth. The key outcome of this challenge is to prepare students for solving real-life challenges by equipping them with 21st-century skills. Well, I’m Nitya Baldava, a first runner-up in the category of fourth grade. Certainly, I developed many skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communicating etc.

With the many masterclass sessions, I gained a lot of General knowledge, burst with creativity and of course, acquired many skills. A few things that I learnt from Innoventure with the many rounds, were looking at things from a different point of view, thinking out of the box, asking for help and entrepreneurship tips.

The experience was colorful, with different types of rounds and presentations. The first round was written, in which we had to critically answer all the questions put forward. The second round was an interview, where our problem-solving skills came to use. Round three, or the national finale was where we were given a problem statement, for which we had to come up with a prototype of our solution, along with our company name, tagline and logo. Then later, we had to create a PowerPoint presentation in which we explained our idea along with the USP(unique selling product). For this round, we had to design the park equipment in such a way that even the disabled can use it.

My Idea – Funable – Fun for the differently-abled

My idea was based on code patterns that could adjoin. Going into detail, my park had mat-layered tiles which had coded patterns for their borders and sensors underneath. On each tile, there was a seating arrangement with seatbelts in which one could sit. Once they sat, the sensors would get activated and lift the tile up. Now, even the equipment had patterns on their borders, each matching with a particular tile border. So, the tile would lift up and join with the equipment, one would not have to climb stairs to reach. In simple words, the lock and key pattern would help the disabled to have fun as everyone does. To add to the fun, there are bars. Again, with the help of sensors, cushioned hands would reach down and grab the disabled and pull them up for a duration of 45 seconds.

My company name is Funable, as in enabling fun. My tagline being, ‘Where fun comes to you’.  My logo is an F with coded patterns, for Funable. A block of fun adjoins with the F, and the patterns represent the product. Arms for the F represent the enabling of fun, Yay! In this way, Funable can help the differently-abled access fun…. I enjoyed the process of coming up with the idea, creating the PowerPoint presentation, listening to other’s ideas, explaining mine. I thank the Innoventure team for the experience and the learning. I am sure the many skills I developed during the challenge shall help me in the future, as I am already truly inspired.


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Nitya Baldava

5, Oakridge International School, Hyderabad, Telangana

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