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Happy Children’s Day!


My mind full of boundless imagination and infinite questions to ask,
My eyes filled with innocence, hiding away the naughty and mischievous mask.
I wonder why my shadow plays with me under the sun,
and when in my bed I search for him, he is always on the run.

All the fairy tales of enchanting woods create a wonder World around me,
Kings and queens and prince and princess wish my family could be.
My friends would be the Enigmatic angels flying around on their butterfly wings,
their magical wand making my wishes true
In the colourful blossoms of spring.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy are my neighbours next door,
Snow White, Rupanzel, Jasmine and Elsa, delicate beauties I adore.
Dora and Diego, are the best sibling duo I dote on,
Doremon and Nobita are my best buddies as their gadgets put my thinking caps on.

I live in my world far away from everything around;
Where magic seems real and both friends and foes bound.
Where the sun rays give warmth of friendship and love;
Where the night skies tell stories of the peaceful white dove.
Where the halcyon wind whispers tales of morals in my ears;
Where the twinkling stars bring a smile on my face and wipe away all tears.

Wish I could always live in this world that seems so true to me…

Prachi Kolekar

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8, Blue Ridge Public School, Hinjewadi, Pune , Pune , Maharashtra

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