My Expressions

Date : 5 June 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Karthika Jithesh

Have you ever been to heaven?

Why do you think so much?

You live there, I live there.

But where? It’s here;

The actual heaven, our EARTH.

Look around, open the windows;

Close your eyes, and feel it.

Trees all around, birds perching on them.

The wild enjoying the forest,

The homely ones, enjoying our love.

Flowing water, and some refreshing aqua lovers in them.

Moving wind, carrying dunes of sand;

Making our earth look more beautiful.

All these creative things,

All the wonderful creators,

And a lot  of memories;

Are created here.

In heaven, on our own earth.

Conserve it for more memories,

And let’s build our heaven more beautiful.


Karthika Jithesh

Grade 10, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kannur, Kerala

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