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Hemlata Bang, DPS Kamptee and Nagpur: Reimagining Future

Ms. Hemlata Bang, DPS Kamptee and Nagpur joins Curious Times to celebrate Teachers Day and shares her views on Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining Future! She is a Senior Educationist and has been inspiring students and future generation of teachers.

Curious Times, the leading school newspaper and children’s website is pleased to bring perspectives of Senior Educationists and teachers to our readers on Teachers Day 2022. Over the past 3 years a lot has changed in the education sector, teaching methods, curricula, use of technology, introduction of NEP 2020, emphasis on mental wellbeing of children and how schools shape careers of next the generation. We believe that the energy and enthusiasm of the leaders to adapt to these changes will help not just leading through the crisis of learning gaps but also reimagining the future of education.

Here is our conversation with Hemlata Bang, DPS Kamptee and Nagpur:

Curious Times: Technology has brought about a shift in the teaching and learning ecosystem. As you reimagine future, what, in your opinion, would be the role of technology and what would be the role of teachers?

Ms. Hemlata Bang: Technology will empower the educators to efficiently personalize learning with access to data, content and the cloud. It will help educators create blended learning environments that make learning relevant to students lives. The good teacher can help students understand the concepts behind learning in simple words. Every student is different with different ability the teacher will help the student to understand the concepts become easier for students.

Curious Times: NEP 2020 puts a lot of emphasis on skilling and co-curricular activities. How will this have a positive impact on learning outcomes in the future?

Ms. Hemlata Bang: Under the NEP 2020, the focus areas of the reforms seek to cultivate 21st century thinking, problem solving, creativity and digital literacy. NEP dismantles the rigid distinction between arts, commerce and science.

Curious Times: What role can schools play in making students reach their potential careers?

Ms. Hemlata Bang: Teachers have had careers of their own. They have made decisions about whether to go to university, what subjects to study and what jobs to do. Their experiences are useful for young people. Career is a context for many life decisions and teachers need to be able to offer some solutions when it is important. Teachers can link their subjects to the world of work.

Curious Times: The pressures in the 21st century are different from earlier times. What will be the role of schools and teachers in mental wellbeing of students going forward?

Ms. Hemlata Bang: Teachers and schools must be more tolerant and strong inspirers for their students. Use the full range of digital-age tools to improve student engagement and achievement. Facilitate learning in multiple modalities.

Curious Times: As you reimagine the future, how can schools become inclusive and accommodate students from all ethnicities or with different abilities?

Schools can become inclusive by making students with visible or hidden disabilities always work alongside their peers. They will need to closely monitor student progression and ensure that the plan is working for students.

Curious Times: Schools prepare children for higher education. Should competitive exams have a different curriculum than schools?
Coaching classes and ed-tech companies have been supplementing the school education. What do you think should be their role?

Ms. Hemlata Bang: Teachers play a key role in all-round development of a child. Right guidance from the right tutor can help students achieve their goals smoothly. A good teacher can lead you to the right path making your journey to your designation a smooth one.

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