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Date : 21 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Nandita Verghese

How do we help our world deal with a difficult climate crisis?

Earth Day is on 22nd April. It is like a birthday for Earth. So, on birthday you get gifts, but, for Earth’s birthday, nobody is giving any gifts.

So, I am going to give a few ideas on how to gift Mother Earth:

-We should unite for BOLD CLIMATE ACTION

-We can use our ENERGY WISELY and save WATER

-We should eat more MEAT FREE meals as we are killing animals for meat

-Buy ORGANIC and LOCAL products whenever possible

-Don’t WASTE food.


-Instead of throwing away the food waste, take them and make COMPOST

-Unplug computers, TV’s and other electronics when you are not using them

These are a few of my ideas as a gift for Mother Earth on Earth Day which should help her with a better climate.


Nandita Verghese

Grade 3, The Choice School, Kochi, Kerela

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