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How Tom learnt his lesson in Hawaii

I was talking to my friend Lisa when suddenly I remembered something interesting about my neighbor, Tom. So I told her that, Tom, was visiting Hawaii during the summer vacations. He had gone to visit his grandparents while his parents had gone to Paris for their anniversary. Not to be a gossiper but Tom is a greedy gut and this had landed him in trouble a lot of times but it had its final blow in Hawaii. So, over there he was given a map by his grandparents which had been passed down by his ancestors. His grandparents thought that Tom would keep the map and give it to his kids, but no, that wasn’t Tom. His greed got the best of him and he decided to find this ‘treasure’. He was told by his grandparents that no one tried to find the treasure because it was sacred, but Tom ignored them.
He asked a local there how to find the Keanu Cave. The local gave him the directions thinking he would have a picnic by the sea. But when he asked Tom if he was planning to have a picnic and the local got to know his real motive, he warned him not to go there because it had a tomb so it was considered sacred. If he disturbed anything there then the Night Marchers who are spirits of fallen soldiers and appeared as ghostly apparitions would find him and if he looked into their eyes it would be a lethal omen. Tom laughed at the local and without paying heed to his warning, he went into the cave. It was pitch dark and his torch gave an eerie, whitish glow which just made it scarier. Something scuttled across his neck and he let out a bloodcurdling scream, thinking it was a ghost. It turned out to be a tiny cockroach, but he would have preferred the former as he was dead scared of them. Skeletons and bones were everywhere but his greed drove him on. He had to cross very thin paths and jump from ledge to ledge, but still he went on. Finally when he reached the tomb, his eyes gleamed…….from the treasure chests filled to the brim with gold coins, jewellery and diamonds.
He started grabbing everything and putting it in his pockets. But right then everything went dark, and his torch emitted a faint blue light. The thumping of tom-toms could be heard. And it happened. The Night Marchers with their intimidating height appeared! Tom was dead-scared but seeing he was a kid they let him go but not without a warning of course. And you can just about imagine the warning because Tom was never ever greedy and never stole again! When I finished Lisa was awe-struck and agreed that whatever happened to Tom was fair.

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