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Image depicting how covid-19 changed me

I am a changed human being

Image depicting how covid-19 changed me


“Difficult times often bring out the best in people”, very rightly said by Bernie Sanders and aptly applicable in the current situation.

As we all know that the world is in a state of turmoil due to the emergence of global health disease, COVID – 19. This virus outbreak has devastated mankind and has entered as a villain in our lives. It has colossally damaged all the systems that kept our lives moving. The entire world economy is in shambles today. I agree that the last two months of this pandemic condition have adversely affected us. But at the same time, it has also become a blessing in disguise for us. This pandemic allowed us to think and ponder how every dark and gloomy cloud has a silver lining. It has given us an opportunity to improve ourselves which we couldn’t do in our entire life.

This widespread crisis has brought about the best in me and has helped a lot in enhancing my personality, behaviour, lifestyle and all-around development. Before this pandemic, I was not having enough feeling of gratitude and had a limited level of awareness. But now I have become more careful and vigilant in handling the situations. I have newfound gratitude towards everything around me. My family is healthy, roof above my head, good food to eat, books to read and above all love and affection I am getting from my parents. I have become more health-conscious than before. I have also started taking all other measures to stay safe like washing my hands more frequently and thoroughly, maintaining social distancing and using a face mask whenever I am stepping out of the home. Fitness which was my major concern can now be improved as there is ample time to do all sorts of exercises at home. I have realized that if we don’t take care of life, life won’t take care of us.

The global lockdown due to this pandemic has also helped me to know my family better. It has allowed me to spend quality time with them which probably I could not do for years. I was in regular touch with my friends and relatives to check about their well-being. This helped me to strengthen the bond of love with them.

Another quality that I have developed during this time is being more responsible towards life. During this period, I have utilised my abilities to the fullest that has made me more efficient. I have improved a lot in my music skills, especially in the field of instrumental music. This has helped me to increase my concentration level and also to handle things in a better and precise way. It has further helped me to enhance my knowledge and to focus more on my studies. Moreover, with the introduction of online classes during lockdown I have learned more about information technology (IT) and its benefits. I have experienced how IT has made our life simpler and easy. I have learned to use different software and applications through which I was able to connect with my teachers, friends and relatives.

Spirituality and awareness of transitory existence is another important thing I have learnt during this challenging time. I have experienced my spiritual side which helped me to connect to my higher self and to find the inner strength to deal with every crisis of life. Now, I have become more positive in life. It has made me a fighter who can now fight any crisis and problems of life. My mind has become stronger than before and now am ready to accept all challenges of life.

This period of darkness has turned into a period of brightness for me and has allowed me to heal in every possible way. This virus has also taught me that life is too short so we should always be happy and find positivity even in the darker side of life. I feel that the valuable lessons I learnt during this period have made me a better human being.


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Aditya Gupta

10, Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi, Delhi

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