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I love my teachers; they let me explore, innovate, discover, learn, integrate!

To Teachers with Love

My dearest and most respected Teachers, I have so much appreciation for the pains you take to help us learn, score and grow. It is difficult to express my feelings for the efforts you make, internally and externally, to make us succeed in life.

I look at you as my parents away from home. And I know that you also look at us children as your own if only we are willing to reciprocate your feelings and love for us.

My most lasting memories of my teachers have one thing in common. The overwhelming love I received from them and was able to give back to them.

I like my Kindergarten teacher, Poonam ma’am.

I fondly remember the way she used to welcome me with open arms and a big smile into an embrace so tight that I would just run and fall into it every morning. She even shared her own feelings with me and taught me to be open. She gave me my first few experiences of responsibility and caring for others, which shaped my character.

And then, what can I say about my lifelong Mentor and Guru, Gunjan ma’am –

so loving and understanding, that I have no words to describe. She never scolded me harshly. I could share my deepest feelings and thoughts with her.
She is the one who, along with my Mom and Dad, helped me discover my unique love for nature, which is today my Life’s Mission.

The fact that at the age of 14, I’m a world-renowned Environmentalist, the fact that at such a young age I’ve completed a highly advanced course from Harvard University- The Climate Energy Challenge, and the fact that I’m now doing a Micro-Masters in Science and Practice of Sustainable Development, from University of Queensland, is majorly because of Gunjan ma’am helping me discover and anchor myself into my core passion for Mother Nature.

Whenever I go as an invited delegate to International Conferences on Sustainable Development, I make it a point to call my most loving Gunjan ma’am to seek her blessings.

Then came Anchal ma’am into my life.

A teacher I love for being so open about sharing her feelings, encouragement and generous feedback. I love her for her love and enthusiasm for her own subject, Mathematics. Anchal ma’am brought laughter and joy into the class.

She made me fall in love with Maths because of the way she taught. It’s that love for Mathematics which helped me grasp extremely advanced and complex concepts presented in my Harvard University course as well as my Micro-Masters, at a young age of 13 years.

I love all my teachers who walk the talk. To me, they are role models. Just observing them is such a big source of learning.

To all my teachers, past and present, I would like to send my message that as much as possible, please become experience-oriented with us children, and not marks oriented. We love to grow and enrich ourselves through experience and exploration.

Allow us learning by, often, going into nature and open spaces. Like I shared with Anchal ma’am once and she agreed, that why not learn Geometry by going out and studying real shapes and features all around us. Why study it in the classroom and just on paper?

To my Teachers with Love, I say, allow freedom to choose our subject of learning. Discover and nurture our uniqueness, just like Gunjan ma’am did with me. And help us choose and build our destinies on the foundation of our uniqueness. Then see the magic we will become, right in front of your eyes.

Another loving request I have for my teachers, please build interactions with us. At times, learn from us too. At times, share your burdens with us, like Poonam ma’am did with me, when I was just 4 years old. And I delighted her by becoming her partner.

Please empower us to experience and practice distributed learning – our choice of subjects, time, methods and places. Then we will surprise you by learning far beyond what our years suggest.

Help us discover and nurture our uniqueness, and we will make you proud of our super-human potential to take responsibilities far bigger than our tiny frames and by solving problems of the world, far beyond our age seems to suggest.

With the deepest love I seek that our teachers innovate and discover newer and more diverse methods of learning. And we will reciprocate with our beaming smiles, our unbridled enthusiasm for learning, integrating and applying.

I assure you with all my love, that as you grow with us, we will pay back with our growth and love for the world, what you give to us, multiplied many times over.

Manassangyini Chaudhary


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Manassangyini Chaudhary

9, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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