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I miss my friends and the school environment, so incredibly!

Hi my name is Prisha Jaggi. I am 9 years old an. I study in Scottish High International School. It is my first article and it is about what I miss about school….so LETS GET STARTED!

When I walked out of my school on 8th March, I did not expect that to be the last time I would see my friends, teachers, school bus and places outside my home. It has been several weeks now that I have stepped out of my home.  The virus is very scary and thinking about it makes me sad.

I miss my friends, classroom, and school environment so much. I miss them incredibly.

Life without school is stranger than I thought it would be

I try hard to not get distracted and pay attention while doing my assignments but it seems so tough. My friends and I use to share a lot of silly jokes, memes, fun stories, chit-passing and play during breaks.

Now we have to fix limited times for video chats and online games only. It is very odd and frustrating at times.

I cannot believe I am going to say this but I miss my school food too. Veg-Kebabs, pastries, jalebi, ice-cream, pappad’s, gulab jamun etc. were some of my favorites. My friends and I use to hide some kebabs in a tissue paper so that we can secretly eat them later.

I miss the class group activities, western music, ground plays and endless discussions with my classmates. Teachers use to tell us to pay attention and now everything is so quiet.

My school announced a summer break for two months when the nation lockdown was declared. Our home-room tutor is sending us weekly tasks for completion. Last Saturday (2nd May) a zoom video conference was kept to have a small interaction with the teacher and classmates. I felt a great sigh of relief and I also felt I am in school.

My little sister is three years old and every other day she asks me if the germs have gone away. I think she misses going outside too. I hope virus demons go away from our Earth soon. Till then, I am trying my best to stay happy and safe.


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Prisha Jaggi

Grade 5, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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