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I wish

(This is a post for my grandpa who recently passed away on 25th April)
I wish of learning,
learning magic.
To stop everything,
and rewind my life…
Till the moment you
came into it…

I wish of learning,
learning music.
So I could be the one,
being music to your ears.

Oh, I only want,
Magic to happen.
Rewinding the time giving,
me justifications what happened to you.

I wish of teaching,
teaching music to you.
So you would,
be the music to these
ears of mine


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AADYA Parashar

8, VIVEK HIGH SCHOOL, Mohali, Punjab

Comments: 2
  1. P_aadya says:

    thank you for publishing my post

  2. Iraarora says:

    WOW! That’s just so amazing

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