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Image depicting red tree, colourful, garden trees, landscape

I woke up on a strange planet

Image depicting red tree, colourful, garden trees, landscape

Science fiction story- Imagine waking up on a strange planet

One day when I woke up rubbing my eyes to my surprise. I was not on my bed. I looked left and right. I was shocked to find myself on a green planet. In front of me, I saw a big window when I looked through, I saw a beautiful landscape but the trees were of different colors like blue, red & yellow.

On the planet, I saw some creatures too. When I went closer to them they were green Aliens, they looked different with big eyes and had horns on their heads. They had a short body & long legs. There were some animals also on that planet like lions, bears, tigers monkeys etc. roaming freely.

After some time I felt hungry so I requested the monkey to get me an apple from the tree. After eating I started missing my family and my home. I was wishing to go home when I saw a spaceship. I shouted Help! Help! And the spaceship came down. I sat on the ship and soon reached home.


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