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Imagine you are the Prime Minister. What are the three areas you would like to improve to make a better India in 2022?

I, the prime minister of India, would like to improve India and make a better India in 2022. I would transform Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai into admirable places. The life of the people in these cities needs to be improved as many of them are poor people, their poverty needs to be eradicated. They should also enjoy better clean environment as cleanliness is next to godliness. The animals also need to be taken care of as most of them are . Transformations in transport system are also required. Thus, I would like to improve the transport system resulting in a better pollution free country, the well-being of animals and improving the quality of life of people.

In these major cities, I would make people travel in buses and not in their private cars. Travelling in busses would reduce the amount of traffic and pollution in the cities.
The factories will be in the villages that are in the countryside. The factory pollution will not add to the city pollution as the factories will be far away. It will make the city’s air cleaner with low carbon dioxide and it may also reduce health hazards. It will also eradicate poverty of the village people as the factories will be in the country side giving jobs to the people to make money and live placidly.
We will plant more trees and release the animals from zoo and keep them in forests. We will convert all the zoos into forests. The animals will be taken care by specialy trained forest officers and at the same time, they will be free as they will not be in cages. It will increase forest tourism at a high rate as more the forests more will be the jungle safaris.

After Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata will transform into beautiful areas, seeing this the neighbouring cities will also transform themselves. If not, we are there to help. So let us hope for a better India in 2022.

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