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Importance of after-school learning

India’s education system has several aspects. Apart from the regular school hours, there are other aspects like personal studies, homework and tuition that are equally important. It is called after-school learning. These tasks ensure that students continue to progress in their studies.

Reasons for the importance of after-school learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the kids had to sit at home and attend online classes. They had to study on their own, taking help from their teachers and parents. Now, the schools are open again and school life is getting normalized. Amidst the school learning, after-school aspects are also important.

  • Personalised Learning: Not every student is the same. Every student has a different way to study. Therefore, it is better to allow the students to choose their learning process. They might like someone to explain the concepts while some students might like to prepare their notes. Some children might understand through videos or practicals. Therefore, it is an important aspect of after-school learning. It is important so that the students can understand the concepts well.
  • Interactive learning: As online learning has come into use, the students have learnt to operate social sites and YouTube. Some students have the habit to understand the concepts through visuals, that is videos. Also, the students may like to study in groups and it can be possible after-school. Let the students find out interactive ways to learn the lessons of life. When they discuss things with one another, they can remember them for a long time. Also, they get to learn several different aspects of one topic. Moreover, it will help in improving the social skills of the students.
  • Learning Assistance: In the present scenario, there are a variety of websites and apps that can help the students while they study. It’s obvious to come across doubts while you study, so, the students can rely on educational platforms that serve around the clock. They can provide solutions to your problems and help you with homework.
  • Exam Preparation: For performing well in exams, the students can solve the previous year’s exam paper. In this way, they will be able to access their preparation. They will know where they are lacking. Moreover, it will help them to prepare for the topics which they found difficult.
  • Confidence: Following the after-school learning aspects can help the students to boost their confidence. Constant revision and getting their doubts resolved can help the students to stay calm during their examinations.

After-school learning should be made fun and interactive so that the students enjoy it. The interactive activities after school can help in the overall development of the students. These activities can help the students to learn in a better way and prepare for their examinations.

At Curious Times, we send our best wishes to all the students around the globe.

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