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In your opinion, what is the most important aspect that your country needs to work upon to become a fully developed nation?

In my opinion, the development of a country depends upon the correct use of resources and for this, the human resource should be developed properly and to develop the human resource properly, education is the most accurate weapon. The role of education in developing countries is a very important one as lack of education causes poverty and slow economic development. We can get good doctors, politicians, businessmen, industrialists, lawyers, judges, teachers, scientists, engineers, journalists, workers etc. only through education. The role of education in poverty reduction is huge. It promotes peace and reduces violence. It helps people in making the right decisions at the time of conflicts. It reduces corruption; boosts economic growth and increases the GDP rate of a country. Through education, we can eradicate social problems from their roots and would lead to a better country with high standards of living. Nelson Mandela said,” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As children are the future and will be responsible for the development of the nation, parents should provide their children with best possible education. Drop outs and child labour must be eradicated. Education must be practical. Developed nations are ahead because they focus on practical more. Education must not be rote learning, it needs to enhance our capabilities and skills. It helps them to teach one thing first and then to use it in developing a country. Hence, the education plays a huge role in developing a nation. So, according to me, good and practical education is the most important aspect that needs to be work upon to become a fully developed nation.

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10, BCM Sr. Sec. School Focal Point, Ludhiana

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  1. Shilpi93 says:

    Well done Anchal

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