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Innovative Young Citizens Challenge 2022 – Primary (Grade 3-5)

Innovative Young Citizens Challenge 2022 – Primary (Grade 3-5)

The Innovative Young Citizens Challenge has now opened for the Primary Group (Grade 3 to Grade 5). You can submit your entries by 25 July 2022.

If you are participating in the Innovative Young Citizens Challenge 2, chances are that you are already an Innovative Young Citizen. Now, here we are trying to scratch your brains and get some answers to these problem statements. You can present innovative ideas in the form of art, articles, models, projects, reports, illustrations, videos or any kind of expression. You can also use materials available at home to make 2D, 3D models, comic strips, stories, quotes and references, memes, and videos using canva, PowerPoint, chart papers, colours.

Innovative Young Citizens Challenge 2022 – Starter (Grade 3-5) – Topics and options

OPTION I – Solve The Problem Statements Given By Curious Times

Students of Grades 3 to 5 can pick any ONE topic from the problem statements listed below.

Topics for Primary Group (Grade 3-5)

  1. We all get bullied sometime or the other by our classmates or seniors. Speak/ sketch/ write about how would you deal with bullying?
  2. In an exam, the friend next to you asks you for help with the answer. How will you help your friend?
  3. Select a popular cartoon character, who in your opinion, could be the best person to create peace around the world. Showcase how!
  4. Climate change is a big problem. How can you, at a young age, help at the community, national and global levels?
  5. Design your dream eco-friendly car – art and craft.
  6. We all like picnics but there are very few ideal and clean picnic spots. A zoo, a biodiversity park, a children’s theme park, a mall, a beach, which one will you pick?


OPTION II – My Curiosity, My Concern, My Creation!

You, students, are also concerned about some issues and problems. Under Option II, students can submit their own solutions or innovations.

Some of you would have already worked on some problems, current or future. You have thought through something you want to create for the problems you care about. But what you need is a bigger platform and audience to share what you have created. So, here is your chance to share that. Make sure what you send is original with attention to the details of all aspects of the problem and the solution.

Rules for your profile completion

All the students will receive certificates of participation if their work has been selected for publishing on the website. The information is mapped from your profile section. Here are some rules to follow from your profile perspective:

1. Make sure that the spellings of your name and school, and your grade are correct before making the submission. Once the entry is submitted, spellings and corrections are not allowed. Certificates will be made based on data at the time of submission.
2. Submitting the picture of the student is parents’ discretion and will be considered as their approval to publish. If you would like to share your picture along with your entry, you can upload your picture in the “My Account” tab before the submission of the entry. It will be displayed if it follows the image guidelines. Please ensure you submit a smart yet sober and clear picture.

Check My Account Section

Rules of Innovative Young Citizens Challenge

  1. Make sure you write the selected problem statement topic in the given text box.
  2. You can submit your ‘Solution’ in text, image, and/ or video formats. It is not compulsory to do all of them.
  3. Do NOT forget to add Title and a brief while submitting.
  4. Use the text box for typing. Do not upload handwritten pages or notebooks. Such entries cannot be published on the website.
  5. The word limit for write-ups is 300 words. The video should not exceed 60 seconds.
  6. You can share your video through a YouTube link. The YouTube video should be in the public and not in private mode.
  7. In the case of 2D/ 3D models, presentations, and images, submit JPG format only. PDF and PPTs cannot be uploaded directly. They should be converted to a video or JPG. Ensure that images are clear and not blurred. Make sure you crop the images to the right size and that no additional background is there. Do not submit screenshots, they will be declined.
  8. In case you are uploading images of the Solution, the child’s picture should not be added to that image. The child’s picture can be uploaded separately through My Account.
  9. In case any student submits more than one entry, all the entries will be disqualified.
  10. Students, who are participating via schools should ensure that they register with their school code and their school details are correct. Your school logo will be visible only if you have registered through your school code.
  11. Jury will give emphasis on the understanding of the problem statement by the student, innovation and creativity in the solution, and clear communication of the student’s idea through content and presentation.

Innovative Young Citizens Challenge 2022 – Key Links

To participate in Innovative Young Citizens Challenge 2022 – Primary (Grade 3-5), make sure you are registered. If not, Register Now!

Student Registration Link

Registered students, submit your entries on this link:

Entry Submission Link

All the best for the event! Follow our social handles:

Instagram: @curioustimesofficial, Facebook: @curioustimesofficial
Teachers WhatsApp Group: 21st Century Educators, Grade-wise links to Parents’ WhatsApp Groups are on the website

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