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Date : 29 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Sanaa Celly

You must be thinking “What is ‘International Dance Day’ and why is it celebrated?

Well, let’s answer this question with the strategy of 5 W’s and one H.

Who started Dance Day?

The person who started this, his name is Jean Georges Noverre.
What is so special about him?
He was the creator of modern ballet.

When did we start celebrating International Dance Day?

International dance day was first celebrated in 1982.
This day is celebrated to mark the birthday of Noverre. He was the creator of modern ballet.

Where did it originate?

Not many people know where this day originated, but since Noverre was born in Paris, my guess is France is where it originated.

What are the benefits of dancing?

The benefit of this day is that we get more knowledge about dance. So even though we are at home we can celebrate this day by dancing. It’s a good workout for us.

How is dance day celebrated?

It is celebrated through festivals and events, which gives adults and children knowledge about dance.
Now even you can celebrate dance day by dancing at home and giving a video to Curious Times.
If you are getting very bored this will be a good practice. You will get to know more about dance and you can exercise.
It will be nice. It’s also a boredom buster. It’s easy especially after doing a lot of homework and classes this would be a nice break.


Sanaa Celly

Grade 5, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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