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It’s her choice!

Here is a very powerful poem of 12th grader, Sanya Khatri, from Delhi Public School, Sonepat.

She wore a crop top with jeans so high
Passed by the street and across the gawky eyes
Kept staring till a distance with no permit
Get a move on, she’s not asking for it.

Those hands, those eyes, those lips, those thighs
She’s not a property to own neither a trophy wife
She’s not someone who would clean your shit 
Get a move on, she’s not asking for it

She held her pride high, could not be more proud
In silence, she rose her head was loud
Chose to live her life didn’t try to fit
Get a move on, she’s not asking for it.

Her father said to her “it’s unsafe”
But all she heard was “don’t stand back be brave”
She doesn’t care about your money or your gifts
Get a move on, she’s not asking for it.

She’s alone yet she’s brave
She’ll go all out in your shadow she won’t cave
Just yesterday she was lagging, now she’s far ahead
Get a move on she’s not asking for it.

At last, guide her not lead her
Be with her don’t cheat on her
Let her grow let her rise
Let her do what she wants 

It’s her choice!


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Sanya Khatri

Grade 12, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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