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Kaftan – A short story


If there was a word to describe how Nora felt, it was awestruck, or perhaps speechless. A brand new kaftan lay in the town’s dump yards, where Nora’s father worked. A wave of shock had taken over the little girl’s mind. Here lay a brand new gown, abandoned, and she was free to take it. She reached forward to grab it, but an invisible barrier of hesitance froze her in place. She looked down at her own clothes, a faded frock held together with odd pieces of thread and cloth. She stared at the Kaftan, it glowed against the dull browns and greys of the place. Her family would never be able to afford something like this. Her parents worked several odd jobs for the tiniest amounts of money. They barely scraped enough money together for her school fees. School. Nora imagined the look of awe and envy on her classmates’ faces. The school she went could barely afford a used white board, let alone a never-used-before silk gown. “No”, Nora thought, “This kaftan isn’t rightfully mine, I am not in a position to own it”. She walked away without looking back, feeling not a fraction of regret…

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Nitya Baldava

6, The Future Kids School , Hyderabad, Telangana

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