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Let us make a safe world!

As we all know, Computers & Smart Phones have now become our basic necessities.

And as of now that we are trapped in the hands of ‘Covid-19’, the trade, the banks and other financial agencies, schools and all other educational institutes are using digital medium only to provide their services. But we all know that the cyber-world is full of insecurity and even a small hole in it can deprive us of all our savings or we can easily fall prey for cybercriminals.

So the cyber security should be our first priority. These are some common but meaningful cybersecurity tips :

  1. Passwords for important sites should be changed occasionally!
  2. The password should not be very obvious. It should be difficult enough to be cracked!
  3. Never ever share your password with anyone, even with your best friend!
  4. Be careful of fraud sites while providing your bank details.

Some common crimes over social media are phishing, cyberstalking, online scams, etc. Hackers or cybercriminals make inappropriate use of our content if we do not share them in a protected manner.

So, we should always be very careful while providing our personal details and location. They also try to hack our social accounts and post sexually abused content! Parents should also keep a strict check on their children as they are prone to fall for hackers.

Generally, cybercriminals make fraud sites announcing big lotteries and cash backs in the name of the government to win the people’s confidence. So everyone should be aware of these crimes and should not get trapped. Even though we have cyber police but everyone should take full precautions to be safe.


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Shaurya Rohatgi

Grade 10, DLDAV MODEL SCHOOL , Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi

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