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Let’s be the change

Why always to follow what the world says…
Why we can’t be the change..
It will cost nothing to be a little more kind..
It will cost nothing to just have a smile..

Well, trying a different flavour of ice cream is a change too
because I didn’t say that this change has to be big or small…
Me and you together can change the world
So why can’t we be the change..

The world will always criticize you for being the change
but your loved ones will love your change..
So why we can’t be the change..

Yes, it’s hard to change people but at a time things change.
So just do one thing…
Say Shut up to the world and be yourself because
it’s just about being yourself and being the change

Let’s be the change!!


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Vihaan Sapra

Grade 6, Delhi Public School, Sonepat, Haryana

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