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Image depicting Letter to Tooth Fairy

Letter to Tooth Fairy

Image depicting Letter to Tooth Fairy

When my tooth broke today evening

Dear tooth fairy,

I write to you to share, my tooth broke today and you are my only hope to get me a cat, edited a real cat I mean.

My human parents don’t get it, so please tooth fairy get a real cat I have been wanting it since 3 years now.

I hope you do please understand me
I don’t want a cat
I need a 🐈
It will help my existence

It will help my human parents too
As she will eat up the rats.

My message is soft n clear a real cat, but they don’t understand me. Please tooth 🦷 fairy

Celebrating Your Imagination

Kuhu Kacher, your “Letter to Tooth Fairy” is a testament to your vivid imagination. Your ability to craft a magical world through your words is truly remarkable. Keep nurturing this incredible gift, for it has the power to inspire others and transport readers to enchanting realms.

Embracing Creative Courage

Submitting your letter to Curious Times takes courage and confidence. It’s a bold step that showcases your willingness to share your inner thoughts and dreams with the world. Continue to be fearless in expressing your creativity, for it is through vulnerability that true artistry shines.

Inspiring Young Minds

Your contribution to Curious Times serves as an inspiration to young minds everywhere. Your story can encourage others to explore their creative side and believe in the magic of storytelling. Your words have the potential to ignite the imagination of a whole generation.

A Journey Worth Celebrating

Your journey as a young writer is just beginning, and the path ahead is filled with endless possibilities. Each word you write, each story you craft, is a step forward on this exciting adventure. Cherish every moment of your literary exploration, for it’s a journey worth celebrating.

Kuhu Kacher, your “Letter to Tooth Fairy” is not just a submission; it’s a testament to your creativity, courage, and the bright future that awaits you in the world of storytelling. Keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep inspiring us all with your words.

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Kuhu Kacher

4, La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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