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Life of LUDO

On a Sunday morning, I was being printed with big words of ‘LUDO’. The next moment I was packed with thousands of primitive games. It was a long journey to a distant store. After a day we finally were placed on shelves.
Many weeks passed and I was never accepted, and soon a pile of dust was my only company. Then one day a miracle happened, one boy took me out and instantly he took me to the counter and I finally got an owner.

As I entered the house, I felt very comfortable but after a week of being just kept in the storage room with the other board games, it felt like being imprisoned. Although, in there I made many friends. I was the most primitive game in there. One day my life changed when the virus was out, lockdown was there and a raging storm was outside the house. When finally, the storage room opened and I was picked, I was set on the bed and was being able to hear thunder roaring, 4 siblings started playing with me. There were small fights, the sound of chitter-chatter surrounded me. I became furious when I saw the smallest sibling cheating, it felt as if I had a mouth, I would expose him but I was muted.

Every now and then there would be cheers when the pieces were in and boo’s when someone was going to win. At last, almost everyone played with me that day, the most painful part was when the dice was placed in the case, it felt like my heart was being kept apart. I wanted to thank the storm for that.
Now, the whole family love to play with me, many of the times I become furious when I see cheating or I become sad when there is a fight because of me but I love being a part of fun with that family.

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