My Expressions

Date : 21 April 2020

  • Educators Speak
  • Nalini Rajendran Ambadi

The set is ready, the props in place,
We even see the white clouds spread out like lace…
Browns, greens, blues, so many more vibrant blends
Nature painting rainbows with treasures at their ends?

There’s water here, there’s water there…
Blue, aquamarine and azure,
Giving us life, fresh and pure.
Rippling, frothing and gamboling with their might,
Going around in a magical cycle, day and night.

The lights are ready from every angle,
Even peeping through branches in a tangle.
Soft, hazy, bright and sparkling,
Objects and shadows in merriment dancing.

The stage takes forms rising high or swooping low,
Gently rolling, covered with sand or snow.
Caves to peep into and ponds to jump into,
Cliffs for drama and abysses too.

The atmosphere is just right, the sets and props in place,
The scenes can be played out in many ways.
The drama of life can be acted with ease,
With the air moving gently as a breeze.

Floods, storms and fires – will they raze the sets,
The whole drama will then be put to test.
We must all, promise to protect the sets,
Lights camera and action, life can be lived with zest!

And no matter what comes our way,
As the wise ones always say
Come what may – the show will go on today…


Nalini Rajendran Ambadi

HOD, Social Studies Department, The Choice School,Primary, Kochi, Kerala

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