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Date : 28 September 2020

  • Young Voice

Kalki Koelchin is a French 🇫🇷 origin actress who has acted in various blockbuster films 🎥 . Known best for her Bollywood films like Margarita with a straw 🍹and Yeh jawani hai deewani , she has not only done exceptional work in the industry but she also has quite some awards 🥇to her credit. Currently she is a full time mother👩‍👧 to a baby 👶 girl👧 named Sappho whom she welcomed last year.
It was indeed a privilege to join jn to a live telecast of her Masterclass exclusively for children . She chose to speak on Creative thinking and the Art of thinking well. She interacted with many young participants, talking to them about her career and her dreams. Coming straight from the actress , we learnt more about her than we ever could have learnt without her so openly sharing her experiences with us.
Her acting bug found her when she was eight. Hook was the hooking movie 🍿 of the time and it is a spin off from the Peter Pan movie. However Tinker Bell , instead of being a petite and golden haired fairy, was a character played by Julia Roberts. And Roberts did everything unfairylike. Not to mention that she was a redhead👩‍🦰 , she also discarded the custom green Tink outfit and chose to wear shorts. Kalki , being a bit rebellious, decided that if Julia Roberts made an entirely new mould , Kalki would be the one filling in the new mould. Her age old dream of being a fairy was put aside …..until she was 16 and was offered a role in a school 🏫 play. The play was Shakespeare’s ‘A midsummer night’s dream’ and the role was Titania , Queen 👸 of Fairies.🧚‍♂️.Thus at the age of 16 Ms.Koelchin fulfilled her dream of becoming a fairy and was now free to do all that was unconventional. No more looking back.
But underneath all that makeup 💄 , she is an ardent animal lover 💕 and desperately looks for ways in which she can make a small difference in the depleting number of the rhinos 🦏 of India.She went on to tell us that she fell in love with these gentle beasts following a visit to the Kaziranga National Park 🏞.She made the session more interactive by asking all the young people present to suggest dome innovative solutions to curtail the extreme depletion in the number of rhinos that is going on.
Kalki was overall a very bubbly young actress who was a pleasure to listen 👂 to and interact with .
She ended the session by singing 🎤 a song 🎵 that she had composed during lockdown. The lilting yet hopeful refrain still remains with me:
“Our love 💕 will keep us going
All our woes will be consumed”

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the session and look 👀 forward to more such opportunities.




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