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Lockdown Knockdown

People are bored in the lockdown, 

While the world and coronavirus are having a smackdown.

School or not,  children are still studying

And the Prime Minister is biting his nails worrying.

Adults are listening to Arnab Goswami,

Babies don’t even know what’s going on, nice and happy

The foolish are roaming around in town,

Coming back beaten by the police with a frown. 

Mothers are making delicious homemade recipes,

Although not happy for still paying school fees. 

While fathers are chatting and working online,

Children are listening to online jokes like

A lion saying “what?!  Shop on lion!?’

Oldies have a life like any other day,

For the lockdown situation, they have nothing to say.


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Grade 10, Navrachana International School, Vadodra, Gujarat

Hardit Singh Musson writes with a pen name singhblingking. He enjoys writing poems and drawing caricatures.

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