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Locked and found!

Hunger woke me up…

I was a starving soul,
starving for my mind and soul.
long lost no idea when and where.
Realised to be  lost in the mad rush 
Of only to accept my helplessness.
Mad rush where everybody competes with the other and nobody knows for what..

I woke up to know that the world has paused ,
Wondering whether I am asleep ..a muted dream .
No… the signs were very clear.
Movements restricted, told to behold and stay back home.
Restricted! Yes restricted to a large extent.

I walked inside the walls searching for myself,
only to find a glimpse.
Kept trying without losing hope.
What I began to create wasn’t impressive too.
Giving up was not considered an option.

I wove it around myself day and night.
Through and through.
Only to realise that, I am within.
No..I don’t need light from outside 
Because it has to glow within.

..I am finding myself here in this light
..Ready to leave my silken cocoon behind.
To face the world with newfound vigour and Strength!


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Shamna K

Educator, Rims International School, Kannur, Kerala

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