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“A man follows the path laid out for him. He does his duty to God and his King. He does what he must do, not what pleases him. God’s truth, boy, what kind of world would this be if every man did what pleased him alone? Who would plough the fields and reap the harvest, if every man had the right to say, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ In this world there is a place for every man, but every man must know his place.”
― Wilbur Smith
According to my thoughts:-
Rainy Season or monsoon season is the four-month period from June to September in India when rainfall occurs due to the onset of southwest monsoon winds. The rainy season is one of the most favorite seasons of all individuals including kids, young and older people. Rain plays a vital role in the life of farmers and the agrarian economy as decent rain helps in the good cultivation of crops across the nation including the northern and south belts. Rainy season comes after the long period of hot summer brings relief from the heat and makes the environment cooler and pleasant.Rainy Season starts from the southern part of India with the onset of southwest monsoon wind.July and August are the rainiest months in the rainy season.
In the rainy season, the environment becomes clean and fresh due to a heavy rain shower.Dark clouds and lightning are very common during the rainy season.Rainy season gives us different types of fruits, flowers, and vegetables from plants and trees.Rainy season helps farmers by providing rainwater needed for good cultivation of crops.Rainy Season is the favorite season of people of all age groups including kids, adults, and elderly people.Rainy season gives relief from intense heatwave after a long period of hot summer.Rainy season enhances the scenic beauty of nature as everything looks refreshing after heavy rainfall.
Rainy Season also is known as the wet season is the season when most annual rainfall in a region occurs.) Usually, the rainy season lasts for a couple of months depending on the geographical location.The rainy season is the most pleasant season because of the moderate climate and cool showers.Air quality is improved in the rainy season as the impurities in the air get mixed with falling rain. The rainy season is good for vegetation and other flora of the area witnessing the season. Rainy season kind of replenishes the life on earth, providing enough water to go through the next summer.The rainy season starts with initial showers of rain at irregular intervals.
The Rainy Season, the most joyous of them all. Calmness like the summers and cool breeze like the winters. A relaxing time to spend with the loved ones, relishing the scent of showers while sipping on hot tea is the highlight of the day. From peacocks dancing in the rain to jumping in puddles, this season has it all.
The Rainy Season or more formally addressed as the monsoon season reaches India around the mid of June and stays until late august/early September. This season is primarily categorized by heavy incessant rainfall and humid conditions. Despite the prevalence of humidity, the cool showers bring much-needed respite from the scorching sun.

As it rains, dry barren ponds and puddles are infused with life again. Rivers, yet again, flow at their full capacity and birds chirp all day long. Rains have, since times immemorial, been the favorite season of the land. It fuels flora and fauna enough to bear the brunt of dry barren summers and harsh freezing winters. Flowers bloom in all their full grandeur and crop roots soak up water during this time of the year.

Pre-monsoon showers that precede the actual onset of the monsoon season are known by different names in different regions of the country. They are known as “mango showers “in Karnataka as they help in the early ripening of the juicy fruit. The intensity of rainfall is not uniform but is scattered rather inconsistently. Areas like Cherrapunji receive the most rainfall while areas in the Thar Desert Rajasthan receive scanty rainfall. The rainfall distribution is influenced by numerous factors like the position of mountain ranges and the direction of monsoon winds.

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