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Medbot+ – The Personal Medicine Delivery Assistant

Medbot+ – The Personal Medicine Delivery Assistant

My project is purely self-innovation and made with self-learning.
There are lot of people who deal with medical issues that cause immobility or otherwise also age prevents free movement. Problem is that they need to take medicines multiple times a day, for which they have to seek help from their family members or some assistant. It affects their self esteem also, as no one likes to be dependent on others and lot of times other people may be busy to help them. Also remembering which medicine to take when, is a big challenge. If we could tackle these issues, we could reduce some suffering of theirs.

My MEDBOT+ was incepted to help my Grandpa take RIGHT MEDICINES AT THE RIGHT TIME and he actually used the prototype.
The robot starts at the designated time when medicine has to be taken-> follows the set path-> stops and asks for water-fill and then moves to the location where grandpa works-> announces what medicines need to be taken-> waits for some time till the medicine has been taken-> moves further and stops at the parking spot, ready to start again when the next time slot is there.
The times, medicine names, the set path and the announcements are defined and fed into the robot as per the user need.
This would reduce the dependency and help the patient feel more relaxed and independent.
This can also be used to carry stuff from one place to another(small distances). like delivering tea, snacks at various times of the day.

Medbot+ – The Personal Medicine Delivery Assistant – check out the video!

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Neil Gupta

9, GTA Vidhya Mandir, Chennai, TAMILNADU

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