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Children’s Magazine | The Curious Magazine – June 2021

The Curious Magazine is the first Children’s Magazine with all the great content by the children, for the children. Read, share and participate.

First of all, congratulations to the Creative Brigade of Curious Times. You would have received the certificates of participation and outstanding performance for the quarter from April to June. Did you share with your teachers and friends too?

We are happy to announce that the month of June at Curious Times was a super special month. We celebrated a lot of special days like World Environment Day, Father’s Day, Turtles Day and many others. 

To top it off, this June, we also celebrated “The Creative Challenge” at Curious Times. Over 1,000 students participated in the challenge and won certificates and prizes. They included the Qshala Award vouchers. We will be releasing a special edition of The Curious Magazine – The Creative Challenge shortly. 

Then, in July, many children participated in the Flameless Cooking Challenge. There were shakes, bakes, Indian, Italian and Mexican snacks. We now know what your favourite foods are! All the students have been awarded certificates of appreciation. Moreover, some wonderful recipes and presentations also qualified for Outstanding Performance Certificates.

Additionally, My Expressions is receiving some of the best-ever submissions and active participation from many of you. Keep participating and share with your creative friends too. 

This edition also covers articles and poems from educators. We are delighted to have them in our Curious World.


Do you love claps? Curious Times has introduced Curious claps. We know that many of you visit and read many articles of your Curious Times friends. So, how about giving some claps to your creative friends? Your claps will motivate them a lot. 

We are also opening the Innovative Young Citizens Challenge on 6 August. This is a critical thinking challenge with lots of interesting topics. There are many schools participating in the event. You can participate individually or through your school in the challenge. Over 5000 students are expected to participate in this International Challenge. We are eagerly looking forward to everyone’s participation. 

Visit the link to find the rules. 

Cover Page Credit: Sneha Ghosh, New Stewart School

The Curious Magazine congratulates the participating students, their schools and parents. 

We look forward to your continuing participation.

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