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Newspaper for Children | Curious Times Weekly

Newspaper For Children | Curious Times Weekly 

The best newspaper for kids, brings to you the Top News of the week, Feature Articles and Special Art and Poetry By Curious Members. Enjoy Issue 140!

Top News:

Abhilasha Barak joins Army Aviation Corps!, Quad Summit 2022!
WHO honours India’s all-women ASHA volunteers, Auroras on Mars lack magnetic field
, Snap’s Pixy flying camera captures all adventures, Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Lucknow Super Giants!, World Economic Forum 2022, Petrol and Diesel prices reduced.

Featured Articles

Video games boost kids’ IQ, Google headquarters use dragon scale solar skin, Passion Profession – Drone Specialist! Unique Plants – Dragon’s blood tree! What’s in the word – Ketchup, Hazard?

Newspaper for children | Curious Times Weekly has links to our Daily News Website with video links.

My Expressions:

Here are the students, whose creative work, poems and links to science experiments are available in the Curious Times Weekly this week. You can find more entries on My Expressions.

Student Participation:

LWSP: Niharika
Delhi Public School, Sonepat: Advay
Billabong High School, Mumbai: Vihaan
Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah: Gabriela
Springdales School, Delhi: Abhimanyu
Gyanshree School: Ira
Delhi Public School: Advita

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