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Ms. Renu Singh’s message on Teachers’ Day

Ms. Renu Singh, Teacher, MPS International, Jaipur shares her views on the occasion of Teachers’ Day 2022 on Curious Times.

Curious Times, the leading school newspaper and children’s website is pleased to bring perspectives of Teachers and Educationists to our readers on Teachers Day 2022. Over the past 3 years a lot has changed in the education sector, teaching methods, curricula, use of technology, introduction of NEP 2020, emphasis on mental wellbeing of children and how schools shape careers of next the generation. We believe that the energy and enthusiasm of the leaders to adapt to these changes will help not just leading through the crisis of learning gaps but also reimagining the future of education.

Ms. Renu Singh, Teacher, MPS International School shares her views on important topics:

Not any kind of AI can replace teachers. Computer will be a machine only. And human touch will always be good for students. A computer cannot be compared with humans as we created digital things. It has no feelings like our teachers. Teachers will always be on the priority for the students.

Schools should organise extra Co-curricular activities which enhance the abilities of a pupil like thinking ability, development of confidence, abstract knowledge increases, they learn new words, their synonyms and antonyms
Through these skill subjects, one can improve their potential by opting an extra subject and improving their ability to do things.

Teachers can councel the students or they can be show some motivational videos to choose upon their career options. Teachers can help or motivate their students by telling stories of their students who have succeeded in their life, walking on some or the other principles, discipline, rules, punctuality, regularity.

Few suggestions from my side –
1. Listen to children’s concerns
2. Check how children are doing
3. Encourage play and sports to promote interaction between students
4. Working with parents to enhance students’ achievements and senses of purpose in school.

Schools can operate some digifest fair sort of things or students can become a part of a robotics club or any other club related to A. I. Or computer science, in which they can learn something about technology and do well in future as the future is full of technologies. As we gained the best conclusions till now like online study, teaching, payment, shopping etc. for sure we’ll get better and best options in future

According to me in competitive exams, student should get 90% of the school syllabus but 10% should be of higher order thinking ability questions which can include General knowledge related to the subject or experiments which we apply in our day-to-day life. So, that a child is able to cope up and build up more confidence to stand in a whole competitive world.
Coaching is good for keeping extra notes, but in this competitive world extra efforts, self-belief, self-confidence have gained importance. One can fight this world not only with the help of coaching, but one can do the same by continuing the classes in schools with the help of teachers, seniors, elderly people. In schools all the students have different ability to think and achieve their targets which extra-curricular activities and sports which can freshen up their minds, whereas in coaching centres the students have only one purpose i.e., to study and score well.

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