My Expressions

Date : 20 June 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Eshani Chaudhary

God cannot be everywhere so he created a father.

My father is my soul, guide, mentor and teacher. He always supports me in my thick and thin.

He is an honest, benevolent and philanthropic person who is enthralled by perseverance, patience and tolerance. His humane nature and never say die attitude makes me feel compassionate toward my life. By his dedication, devotion, determination and discipline he has made life a bed of roses for me. He is always down-to-earth and stays rooted to his roots.

He forgives me for all the bad deeds I do as he believes that to err is human and to forgive is divine. Whenever I am in a quagmire or baffled he is there to guide me. His faculty to make me smile is distinctive. His experience level of maturity and sagacity coupled with energy and enthusiasm, zeal and zest make him a hero.

All I do to make him ecstatic is carve a niche for myself in academics or other co-scholastic activities. He believes that the dreams that you sow today are like the seeds that would fructify in the future and bloom like blossoms. He always helps me pursue, perpetuate and propagate my passions and dreams. His tad-fad might be outdated or cliche but his thoughts are always innovative and unprecedented. Life without a father is like a ship without a rudder in the storm of life.


Eshani Chaudhary

Grade 9, DLDAV MODEL SCHOOL , Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

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