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My dream city is Techno-inclusive!

What thoughts come to my mind when I think of my dream city?

In the future, AI [Artificial Intelligence] will be so powerful and accurate that future cities will have many robots doing various tasks.

I want that in my dream city, the vehicles should fly in the air as the traffic blocks the way of ambulances and because of that patients die.

I think that people who are specially-abled or cannot afford a driver have auto cars so that while going to their work they can do multiple things.

What are the ways to make my dream city?

  • Make kitchen garden
  • Don’t burn crackers
  • Use E-cars
  • Make home cleaning robots
  • Caretaking street robots
  • Do carpool
  • Save water
  • Say no to plastic bags
  • Put trees everywhere
  • Say no to violence
  • Don’t fight

“Smart cities do not mean creating jungles of concretes or sophisticated cities of glasses with HiFi technologies. But a smart city means a city, where humans, trees, birds and other animals can grow with all their glories, imperfections, freedom and creativity.”

Amit Ray, Nuclear Weapons Free World Peace on the Earth

My dream city does not mean that technology would not exist.

My dream city also does not mean that only technology is there and it has destroyed the whole world.

My dream city shall have beautiful people, animals, plants coexisting and shall be techno-inclusive, where robots and technology will also live with us, humans.

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Shaurya Rajput

5, Venkateshwara Global School, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi

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