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My Father

Father is the man who is always there for you
He is the one who embraces your imperfection
None can match his level of affection,

He is the real god
He has a heart of a diamond
He is my Raymond,

A Father is the one who loves you the most
Even when he is angry, it’s all his love and, the anger is mild
He is the one who shows tenderness for his child,

A Father is not an ordinary man
His affection is so pure
For his child anything, he can endure

A father is much more than a man
He is a champ
Many people don’t see his side of the lady with the lamp,

A father is a support
He is the one who teaches you how to spread your wings and fly
He is the one who teaches there is no limit, even the sky,

He is a man out of the world
He is always exhilarated
He can never be hated,

There’s no world without a father
He is a man who is all crazy
Without his guidance, the world seems hazy


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9, DPS DWARKA, Delhi, Delhi

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  1. Curious Kitty says:

    Meow meow Tanvi
    Beautiful poem. Your dad is very lucky to have you.
    Share the poem with your friends and family.
    Stay Curious!

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