My Expressions

Date : 1 October 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Kashish Rajendra

I was in the 4th grade at that time. It was the hot month of July and my school was over for that day. I went downstairs with my friends, laughing and talking although I was very tired. It was a tiring day and the scorching heat of that day added glory to my tiredness.

I was on the road waiting for a rickshaw to come so that I could go back home. While I was on the road, I saw an old beggar who was almost black due to sunlight, in ragged clothes and broken slippers. He was eating something. I was so sad for him that at this age he is struggling for his survival. With this thought in mind, I moved to the opposite side of the road where the beggar was sitting.

When I reached there, he called me and asked me for some drinking water. I gave him water and as he drank it, he blessed me a lot! He was continuously muttering blessings for me.

It was that day when I felt Gandhiji in me. His helping nature and generosity towards all are some values that everyone should follow today.


Kashish Rajendra

9, School of Excellence, Sector-16 , Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi

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