My Expressions

Date : 6 May 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Diya Pramod Krishna

Mamma, you are my forever Friend,
Someone who will never bend.
No matter how the world treats me,
I know that with me you will always be.

We have disagreed many times,
And decided to agree some times.
No matter what we do,
With you, I’m never blue.

I know you will never judge,
Even when I never budge,
This is because of your love,
That has come from above.

I know you are my forever Friend,
Therefore I will never apprehend.
With your love I’m complete,
And that’s not a small feat!

This day and every day,
No matter what I ever say.
You know I love you forever,
And don’t want to hurt you ever


Diya Pramod Krishna

Grade 6, The High Range School, Munnar, Kerala

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