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My little fingers!!!

My little fingers wriggle on the walls,
Each one different and cute, them all,
Thumbkin, Index, Middle and Ring,
These are the names that Pinkie sings.
Snoopy, Superman, Goofy, Mandrake and Jerry,
These are the names I call them fondly.
I see one of each on both of my hands,
Together they are a jolly band!
They swing and draw the pictures I see,
Bringing the talent out from me,
Daddy and Mummy glee with pride,
They wonder how these fingerlings tried.
They help me write and do so many things,
And also show my friends silly magic tricks,
I thank You, God, for gifting them,
Without whom I couldn’t count till ten.

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Sidharth Sreeresh

1, The Choice School, Thiruvalla, Alleppey, Kerala

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