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My Mom

My mom is cute, funny, loving, caring, kind, considerate, amazing,

My superwoman, my Masterchef and lots more..

During this lockdown, it is fun as well as challenging for all of us.

To me, it was fun as I had both my parents all to myself,

Challenging for my mom as there was no domestic help.

But inspite of all the challenges she was ready anytime to do anything with me. I helped her with the cleaning and laundry bit to reduce her load. We laughed together, played board and online games, watched movies, baked, made lots of funny videos and lots more. There were times she would shout at my mistakes but also appreciate my good work. This lockdown I have learnt a lot from my parents which I would never forget. I know it was not easy for her to do everything..that’s why she is my supermom.

It is said that since God cannot be there everywhere He made mothers, I know now and realise it is so true.


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Akshara Nair

Grade 4, The Choice School, Thripunitra, Kerala

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