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My role model my dad!

I know a person in this world
Who cares for me the best.
He is the one who can’t see me cry
And is always the reason to try.
He scolds but for my good
As he wants me to be good.
He works all day,
even if he can’t,
he never says.
He wants us to rest,
till he can gives his best.
He wants to see us smile
For that smile, he can travel miles.
He is a precious gift to us.
Dads love daughters till they breathe last.
But their love can never be past!
Though daughters have to be parted for social reasons.
To love Dad we too have thousands of reasons.
I won’t say that my Dad is best,
it may hurt the Dads
but believe me, he is a treasure to be cherished for all reasons.
N for every daughter her Dad is a superhero who takes away all her pains
with all love in his veins.

Blessed to have you Dad.


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Vaanya Kapoor

Grade 7, DLDAV MODEL SCHOOL , Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

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