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Image depicting Elephant Story: From Jungle Orphan to Mighty King

Elephant Story: From Jungle Orphan to Mighty King

Image depicting Elephant Story: From Jungle Orphan to Mighty King

Hello!! I am so excited that you are here and I am so forgetful that I forgot to tell you my name! So my name is Jumbo and I am playing with my friends that are-:
1- Kappa who is very cute and has red cheeks ……
2- Ambush is very intelligent and knows how to step slowly in the water.
3- Tyra is very active and is always ready to play with me.

So one day my parents who are Emily and John came to me and said, “Jumbo, we are going for a walk and if we would find something yummy like bananas we will get it for you!” I was very happy that I said that please go fast and please get it. After few hours I got to know a bad news through my cousins….

Death of Emily and John

The bad news was that when my aunt and uncle came they told me that Sher Khan killed my parents and ate them. In my brain all the memories came and by hearing the bad news I started crying. It was an emotional period of time.

Then, everyone ran to Sher Khan and angrily asked him with fire in their eyes, “Why did you kill Jumbo’s parents as they were so kind!” Sher Khan said, “They were so kind that no one came to me to solve their problems and would like to go to them. That’s why I killed them..” Hyena, the giraffe, said ,“We will now never come to you. There is someone who is there and we do it when you will do something for Scarf.’

Sher khan took some time and then ordered, ‘Scarf will be now my kind and will be the king of the whole jungle and areas I have. And I just cannot tell you how happy I was but I have missed my real parents.

So today I am declared the king of the all the areas my new father was. I have taken 10/11 kingdoms and now the 11th kingdom’s king is also going to die so then I will take that jungle also. If my parents will be there, they would be very happy to see that I am so successful and by the time I sang a song-

You made my life and struggled with the food by giving me your food as well so I can grow but that effected your health and it was the result that you are not in this world and I am missing you , wish you are all right………
The animals heard this song cried and I also cried a lot as they were my parents only who died………..!!!!!!!!!! I am missing them very much now …

The fight between my TWO kingdoms

One day when I heard that that there was a fight on 5 of June I was very worried because today was 2nd of June. I took a meeting and then decided that the giraffe will be the head and the hippo will be the chief captain. We were trained as we have won many fights.

So, just 1 day before the fight we had to take another meeting on how to win this fight and get the 19th kingdom also. There were many questions that how will we win as there were many new animals in our groups as the others were retired and some were killed. We were now ready with no more doubts and worry and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm oh I was yawning as I am woke up till 4am…. Good night and sweet dreams everyone………….

The final day

So today is the final day and I am very tensed as their leader is very strong but he is very ill these days. In his place there was a porkpie named Rocky and he was 1.5 years old and he was so cute. The fight was held between 2 rivers named Yamuna and Ganga. The rivers were very deep and if any animal slipped and fell down it cannot be found.

But I had no worries because in the practice I helped all my army animals how to swim in a deep pool. So when the fight begin my team took the stones which we got and the rocks were very rough. In 2 minutes ½ of the team was finished and in ½ an hour we won the fight and we were very happy and I thought that if my parents would be there, they would be very proud of me.

When Sher Khan got to know that we won the fight he was very happy. He said that he was proud that no one died from our team and this is the permanent team that is going in every fight ever since the animals got retired. I was very happy!!!!!

Kappa’s death

On 4 of September at about 5 pm a bad news came to me that yesterday the last team we won the fight came to our village and killed my friend Kappa and now all the males formed a heap of sticks and then Kappa was kept on that. Then I took 2 stones and rubbed it, when the fire was there I threw it on her body and soon her body turned into sashes.

I cried and then decided that we will have a fight with them again to tell them that we are stronger than them. then the whole jungle shouted that they will also come for fighting because the other team will have only 11 animals but in our team there will be 111,000 animals. I was very happy and declared that the fight will be held tomorrow .

So all the animals got their tools to fight and we gave our team name- kappa and the jungle but I was still missing Kappa my dearest friend which was not there in the world now………..

The fight begins

So today we are going for the fight and we will do our 200%. We had a plan that 1st the team will go and then the other animals will come. Everyone was satisfied and were very scared that if any one got hurt or did something wrong we can lose the fight.

But the other animal team was very weak. At 6am the fight started and all the animals came and started throwing stones and the elephants started to fight with their trunk, girafs with their necks. It was like a fish market…..

After the fight was over we got to know that we won the fight again and that was the magic and blessings of kappa and my parents which gave us power and the confidence of fighting against someone .

The last days

So now I was 100 years old and I was going to die. I had some problem and I couldn’t stand more than 2 seconds. These days I was feeling bad and everyone came to meet me also in every 2 minutes. But one day no one came to meet me and the loneliness ate me up and in ½ minute I was dead.

Thanks for reading this story and giving your time. The next versio will be written by his brother’s son, Oman and he is very shy but also very intelligent.

To be continued……
Happy Reading !!!

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