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Date : 20 March 2020

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  • Arnav Yadav

My exams were finally over …

I had completed the most difficult task of the year and this meant that I needed some time to relax, I needed a vacation! All of us deserve a vacation after a long term task.

But where will I be going? There are millions of places to visit in this world. It was July 4th; my parents had still not taken me for a trip. Though it was 6 in the morning I was wide awake. I heard some voices and by the next hour, I was in the car ready to reach we were headed to one of the seven wonders’ of the world, the Taj Mahal, with no plans beforehand.

Seeing the Taj Mahal in movies, books or the internet, and seeing, in reality, that too for the first time was totally worth remembering it for a lifetime. We started our journey with the talkative auto driver’s conversation being our company. I feel in every tourist place, auto wallas’ for sure are great conservationists. For me traveling not only means visiting the famous tourist destinations, but also living like a local in the new place.

The architectural beauty and magnificence of the Taj Mahal have never been surpassed. The interior of the monument is capable of blinding any goblin with its grand inlay work. It was truly a magnificent trip.

This article by Arnav Yadav is a part of our Not-So-Hot-Spot series.

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