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My Trump Card… towards a greener India!

Image depicting My Trump Card... towards a greener India!

My Trump Card… towards a greener India!

Climate change is a big problem. How can you, at a young age, help at the community, national and global levels?

This is the problem I have identified because I feel sustainability is the need of the hour.
So, it all started last year when I got to know about the topic of Climate Change. I was surprised by the amount of damage this was doing to the environment. This kindled my curiosity about how I can prevent this.

Charity begins at home. So my first step was to stop using all the disposable plastic my family and I used.

It was also around this time that I came across my role model, Lauren Singer who inspired many with her idea of living a zero-waste lifestyle. She fit her one year’s worth of trash into a 16 oz mason jar! It was incredibly inspiring.

Things seem to be happening naturally; co incidental but had a purpose. I happened to watch a video of Ms. Monisha, founder of RUR Greenlife- a Mumbai-based firm wherein she recycled and converted used tetra packs into school furniture!!! She even donated a few of them to underprivileged schools.

Whoa!!! Amazing!! And that too happening in India!! All of a sudden there were sparks of thoughts enlightening my brain. The ZERO-WASTE challenge, the RUR GreenLife, India’s NET ZERO initiative! So why not I contribute as well?!! But how?
This gave birth to my own drive and I named it GO GREEN TETRA — It’s high time!

The challenge – to prevent tetra pack wastes from reaching landfills. And the vision -, every school in Hyderabad installing a collector bin for tetra pack wastes by 2030.

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Image depicting My Trump Card... towards a greener India!

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Muhammad Rihaan .

5, Oakridge International School, Bachupally, Hyderabad, Telangana

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