My Expressions

Date : 23 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Anika George

There once lived a boy who wanted to help people. But they all used to say he was too young.

One day he was sitting on the beach. He saw plastic everywhere. He felt sad, but then he became happy. He said, if I can’t help people, I can help Earth. He started cleaning the beach.

He caught the eye of a woman. She took a video and posted it on Facebook. In 10 minutes, a million likes! People, seeing him on the beach, went to help him.  They had the beach cleaned in no time.

He started a foundation of 28000 people. The foundation’s name is “WE CAN”. So you see, you are never too young or too old to help nature.


Anika George

The Choice School, Kochi, Kerala

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