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Date : 26 July 2019

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News and information snippets for kids

When you think about bringing up kids, the goal is to rear them smart! One thing that parents vouch for is that reading is a sure-shot way of making kids more aware and smarter! Habitual reading helps in enhancing the emotional (EQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ) of kids. Besides, it helps in kindling curiosity or questioning the concepts. Information and news for children provide daily ready reading material for parents. Age-appropriate and relevant stories help to generate interest.

Of things old and new(s)

Reading on a non-biased note to children, be it anecdotes, fables or kids’ news; help them perk up their curiosity levels. When you read to your child, it is seen that there is greater attentiveness, focus and also more accuracy in grasping facts at the latter’s end. Gradually, there arises a pure love for reading too! Over the last few years, the reading proficiency is on a dip down across school-going kids, globally. There is a spunk up in sales of books, yes, but this does not mean that children are being made to read relevantly or even, being taught to read/ decipher the information, at that!

In India, the general target is always for making kids voracious readers since many parents were avid readers back in their childhood. However, the main roadblock in this context remains that children, who do not understand the value of reading regularly, will never be attentive enough to gain value from the same. This naturally plays up with the love for reading!

When introducing reading or indulging in activities such as reading up news for kids, make sure you follow these pointers-

Age at the sides

While it really can never be early to introduce books to your kids, it sure can be worrisome if you do not deal with material that is age-specific. Simply reading bedtime stories will not suffice in generating inquisitiveness in a toddler. Similarly, just newspapers for adults will never appeal to young children around the 7+ age group.

The idea is to simplify the reading material. Browsing news sites with your child will not impart better general knowledge skills. Instead, the goal must be to introduce news for kids through these sites for ease of understanding. The goal in the department of making kids good readers, rather, more aware readers, is to help them understand the content that is appealing minus the heaviness and the fluff. News for children, stories and articles for children must be child-friendly at its crux.

Consistency at the base

This is the golden rule when it comes to introducing an inclination for reading news for children and just about everything else! Unless you ensure consistent readership, the habit or interest will never be solid.

Interest at the Top

Making news for kids interesting is vital. Make sure you do not make the task tedious. Find resources that are engaging. News sites for children could be more appealing than just the newspaper. Interesting resources that let you engage in the fun while you learn such as sites with giveaways for quizzes can be a top draw! The main idea is to never push the child. Make reading and understanding news snippets a dining table ritual and frame these around casual conversations.

Engage your child cleverly, without being too uptight about the same. Reading and also piquing interest in articles or news happens steadily in children. Be patient. Be dedicated.


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