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3D-Printer prints blobs that are alive

3D-Printer prints using bioink- ink droplets that are alive


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3D-Printer prints using bioink – ink droplets that are alive

With growing interest in the field of research to utilize 3D printing to produce biological structures, scientists have outlined “living ink” or “bio-ink”. A 3D-Printer prints using bioink – ink droplets that are alive

This process works by arranging cells to create small living fibres. These fibres are used as bioink in a 3D printer to create different shapes. This bioink doesn’t use any artificial substances and can keep its form after drying out.

The approach differs from previous ones in the way it uses methods to control the properties of the ink itself. This leads to better results and more practical uses. For example, the existing bioinks have difficulties in working at room temperatures, but now this “bioink”.

In the near future, possibilities are very exciting – from creating self-healing structures to bottle caps that remove dangerous chemicals from water.

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