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Image depicting amazing nature: Sailors catch amazing 'pig-faced' shark in Italy

Amazing nature: Sailors catch amazing ‘pig-faced’ shark in Italy

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Amazing nature

Our oceans are home to many amazing creatures that we know about. But sometimes, they are even more shocking than we expect.

Recently, sailors in Italy caught an amazing fish that has the body of a shark and the face of a pig!

The sailors spotted the fish in the waters near the Italian island of Elba. When they pulled it out, they were ‘creeped out’ by its very weird-looking face. But thankfully, it’s not some sort of “mutant fish”.

The fish is actually known as an angular roughshark. This shark is sometimes known as a pig-face shark and lives deep inside the sea. Locals said that its name, ‘pig fish’, comes from the ‘grunt’ noise it makes when it comes out of the water.

People posted photos of the shark on Facebook and it has gone viral.

Amazing nature

The  International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says that the angular roughshark is “endangered” (very less in number). However, locals do say that they can see the shark quite often in the area.

What is the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)?

IUCN is an internation organisation concerned with nature conservation. It keeps a check on the status of the natural world and lays out the measures needed to safeguard it.


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