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Image depicting funerary avenues

Ancient funerary avenues were discovered in Saudi Arabia


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Ancient funerary avenues were discovered in Saudi Arabia.

Archaeologists have discovered 4,500-year-old funerary avenues in Saudi Arabia. These avenues are said to be 105 miles long. Thousands of pendant shaped stone tombs have been found along the funerary avenues.

What are funerary avenues?

Funerary avenues are segments which comprises stretched pathways and tombs.

Funerary Avenues

The ancient pathways are called funerary avenues because there are tombs along the pathways.  To say that funerary processions took place on the avenues is uncertain. But, these long pathways make an ancient, long and strong network for sure.

Some of the avenues are made with red rocks. The other avenues are made from repeated use by people and their domestic animals.

Purpose of the avenues

The researchers have said that these networks of avenues have facilitated long-distance travel. The people during this time would have travelled a distance of at least 530 km from North to South.

The researchers have used satellites to click the images of the funerary avenues. Royal Commission of AIUIa has released some pictures and they look like in the picture given below.
Image depicting funerary avenues
It requires more research to find if these avenues are the longest or not. Yemen and Southern Saudi Arabia have also found such avenues.
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