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image depicting Climate change is making your seasonal allergies worse

Climate change is making your seasonal allergies worse

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Climate change

During the spring season, many people suffer from allergies. This makes their nose runny, with excessive sneezing and itchy eyes. It also makes other issues like asthma or hay fever much worse.

Seasonal allergies occur when bodies overreact to pollen. Pollen is a fine powder from plants that can come into contact with your eyes, nose, mouth and throat.

A study says that climate change is making seasonal allergies in the United States and Canada worse. Climate change is making pollen season longer and more intense.

A study of data from 1990 to 2018 shows that today, pollen seasons are starting up to 20 days earlier than before. They also last for up to eight days longer. This is due to an increase in annual temperatures making plants produce more pollen.

There is also an increase in the pollen count or concentration of pollen.

This study is an example of how climate change is affecting our personal health and not just the environment or climate.


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